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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I fly with Trodos Air?

All pilots at Trodos Air are highly experienced, with the extensive experience in private aviation, which provides maximum safety in all of our flights.

Trodos air provides full solutions for any aviation need, starting with a flight to any worldwide destination and for any number of passengers, and ending with providing full ground services in the destination according to the customer needs and requirements. For example, hosting guests from abroad by flying to Masada, providing professional guided tour (in English) at the Masada, guided tour at the Dead Sea, visit to the Bedouins and a flight back, all arranged by Trodos Air in one phone call. Another example, a private flight to Cyprus for a business meeting, transportation from the customer's house to the airport in Israel, flight to Larnaka, transportation to the business meeting location, transportation for lunch at a great restaurant in the Trodos mountain on the way back to the airport, flight back and transportation back to the customer's house, all arranged in a single phone call.

Trodos Air emphasizes the level of service to be maximal, without compromises. We are aware of the fact that private aviation is not so cheap and many of our customers use our services only once in a lifetime. Therefore we consider it such that every customer will feel as a king for a day. You may feel it from the first phone conversation where you will get a professional answer for every question you might have, from a first class Trodos Air member, who is a pilot. In many cases, the same pilot will meet you in the airport and fly with you, such that you will receive a personal treatment from the first phone call until the flight. In case you ordered ground services, you will get them also under the supervision of the pilot who will take care of all details, until you reach safe back home.

Does Trodos Air perform regular flights?

No. Trodos Air performs only flights in private airplanes, where the customer decides about the date and time of departure and return, and the flight is done especially for him/her. The airplane type is adjusted to the ordered number of passengers.

Are there any regular flights to Kiryat Shmona?

No. The line to Kiryat Shmona was operated in the past by several aviation companies. Unfortunately, today none of the aviation companies performs flights to Kiryat Shmona. The only way to reach this destination, as well as to Pik airstrip in the south of Ramat Hagolan, Meggido, Beer Sheva, Massada, Ein Yahav, Yotvata, is by private aviation.

Why should I pay more for a private flight abroad and not to fly by a charter or regular flight?

For more questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer you anytime.

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